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As environmentalists, Paul and Darlene believe that the most environmental action is to complete the cycle of "re-cycling". True recycling is taking a waste (septage) product, cleaning it up in a favorable proactive way and then reusing it, such as putting back in the ground as fertilizer, the building up of loam and recharging aquifers. Such as operate a land application site where treated septage fertilizes the soil and grows hay that the animals love!

  • Knowledgeable staffed office during working hours of 8:00am - 5:00pm, 99% of the time to answer all your questions
  • Prefer payment with service; We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express & Discover.
  • Clean trucks, clean uniforms, clean jobs.
Pump Septic Tanks
  • We prefer not to go on your lawn, or across landscaping. We have enough hose, or can get enough hoses to do most jobs from driveways or street side. While pumping a tank, we are mostly after the solids that build on the bottom over the years.
  • We back wash the contents the septic tank to remove 99% of the solids, leaving just about an inch of liquid on the bottom (to restart bacteria growth). It's empty.
  • If homeowners are home, we will have someone flush inside, to assure the inlet line is free of obstruction.
  • We inspect the tank, and the baffles (front and back) and note their condition, and can repair if necessary.
Repair outlet baffles
  • These are important protective barriers because they keep solids inside the tank and out of the leach field which in turn prolongs the life of the leach field
  • sometimes with the older concrete baffles, the concrete deteriorates from the moist conditions and gasses inside the tank and they tend to fall off
  • These are always inspected and easily repaired
Install Risers
  • Risers allow easy access to tank covers
  • No more digging
Unplug Pipes
  • We have a jetter which can free any obstruction in an outside pipe as well as thaw frozen pipes in the winter
  • Our trucks carry small hand snakes for easier blockages
Portable Toilets
  • Rentals, short term (weekend) event or long term (monthly)
  • Rentals of regular, fleet and handicapped accessible
  • Wash Stations

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